The Odds Booster is available on selected events chosen by Mr Roo until further notice.
The odds displayed on the selected games are already enhanced.
The Odds Booster only applies to the pre-match section of the Sportsbook for single bets. You may participate by placing a bet on one of the selected events. You may only use the Odds Boost once per game. You're not eligible for this promotion if you choose to cash out your bet. Further information regarding the pre-match and Sportsbook can be found in the Game Policy
For example, the original Odds were 1.8 (one point eight). With a 10 (ten) Roollion bet, you would win 18 (eighteen Roollion). The boosted Odds could be 2.0 (two points zero). Your 10 (ten) Roollion bet would now result in a 20 (twenty) Roollion win.
You acknowledge the Company may choose at their sole discretion which events and markets will receive increased odds and how much the increase will be. All Terms apply to the Odds Booster.
Our general bonus and promotion policy can be found here