Play’n Go: Spring Eggspedition Network Tournament
The Play’n Go: Spring Eggspedition Network Tournament is a cooperation of Play’n Go and Roobet with a prize pool of 75000 (seventy-five thousand) USD available from 28.03.2024 18:00 EST until 07.04.2024 17.59 EST on the following Slot Games: Easter Eggspedition, Easter Eggs, Rocco Gallo, Honey Rush, Honey Rush 100, Fox Mayhem, Leprechaun’s Vault, Shamrock Miner, Pandastic Adventure, Sherwood Gold
To participate in the tournament, you must play the participating Slot Games with a minimum bet value of 0.2 (zero point two) USD. Bets made with RooSpins are not eligible for the promotion. If eligible, your bet will automatically participate.
You score points based on the multiplier your winning Bet receives. The multiplier your stake receives is also the points the bet scores. The tournament considers only your highest-scoring Bets. No limit exists on how many points you can score in one Bet or how many Bets can participate. Jackpots are not considered for calculating the multiplier, while all other bonus options count towards it.
For example, if you bet 1 (one) USD and win 7 (seven) USD, your multiplier would be 7 (seven), resulting in 7 (seven) points,
The Play’n Go: Spring Eggspedition Network Tournament leaderboard will be updated every minute with a delay of 60 (sixty) minutes or less. Each User can see their current score on the in-game leaderboard as long as they have scored at least 1 (one) point. You acknowledge that this list may be incorrect due to a delay in updating the individual scores. You acknowledge that the Company and its third-party partners are not liable for the accuracy of the leaderboard.
Once the Tournament is over, the 500 (five hundred) Users with the highest score will win a prize with a combined value of 75000 (seventy-five thousand) USD. Each User can only win one prize. The following prizes are available:
· For the first, a 10000 (ten thousand) USD prize.
· For the second, a 7500 (seven thousand five hundred) USD prize.
· For the third, a 5000 (five thousand) USD prize.
· For the fourth, a 2500 (two thousand five hundred) USD prize.
· For the fifth to tenth, a prize of 1000 (one thousand) USD each.
· For the eleventh to twentieth, a prize of 750 (seven hundred fifty) USD each.
· For the twenty-first. a 500 (five hundred) USD prize
· For the twenty-second to twenty-fifth, a prize of 400 (four hundred) USD each.
· For the twenty-sixth, a 250 (two hundred fifty) USD prize
· For the twenty-seventh to fiftieth, a prize of 200 (two hundred) USD each.
· For the fifty-first, a 175 (one hundred seventy-five) USD prize
· For the fifty-second to one hundredth, a prize of 150 (one hundred fifty) USD each.
· For the one hundredth-first, a 135 (one hundred thirty-five) USD prize
· For the one hundredth-second to two hundredth, a prize of 100 (one hundred) USD each.
· For the two hundredth-first, a 75 (seventy-five) USD prize
· For the two hundredth-second to three hundredth-fiftieth, a prize of 50 (fifty) USD each.
· For the three hundredth fifty-first, a 45 (forty-five) USD prize
· For the three hundredth fifty-second to four hundredth, a prize of 35 (thirty-five) USD each.
· For the four hundredth-first, a 30 (thirty) USD prize
· For the four hundredth-second to five hundredth, a prize of 25 (twenty-five) USD each.
The Play’n Go: Spring Eggspedition Network Tournament results will be shown within 24 (twenty-four) hours of the tournament concluding. The prizes will be paid out within 3 (three) business days of the results being publicly announced. In case two Users have the same score, whoever reaches it first will receive the higher placement.
Suppose the Company identifies that a player found a way to manipulate the result in any way or form, abused a bug or chose a betting practice deemed cheating. In that case, the Company will remove the Account from the ranking and credit the prize to the next highest score.
Users located in Denmark, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain and Sweden are excluded from the Tournament.

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